LONGSTAY Program 2019 招へいアーティスト決定!
The resident artists for LONGSTAY Program 2019!



アーティスト・リサーチャー・写真家・学者・出版者・考古学者 / シチリア(イタリア)出身、パリ在住

作家・キュレーター / ギリシャ出身、アムステルダム在住

コンセプチュアル・アーティスト / フランス出身、クレモン=フェラン・パリ在住

彼らが行なう「bi-」という試みは、PARADISE AIRにとっても新しいチャレンジになるはずです。

This year, we have received 605 applications from 80 counties/areas. As a result of the final judgement, we have decided to invite following 3 artists for the LONSTAY Program 2019.  

Enrico Floriddia
Artist, Researcher, Photographer, Scholar, Publisher, Archaeologist / Born in Sicily (Italy), based in Paris

Angeliki Tzortzakaki
Independent Writer and Curator / Born in Greece, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jérôme de Vienne
Conceptual Artist / Born in France, based in Clermont-Ferrand and Paris

We hope their “bi-” experiment would bring a good challenge for PARADISE AIR.
The research period, their first residence term, is from July 30th to August 13th and we will also hold a public discussion on August 7th. During their stay, we are going to support them to make the creation period, their second residence term, more fruitful. Please keep your eyes on our upcoming information about the program.

Video letter from artist

is a tentative artist residency.

bi- is not a project, it is a collection of discussions, gestures, thoughts and deeds. Every formulated idea has a closure and at the same time is a forecast and a hope for the future.

bi- is collective, as it harbours many individuals. It is a temporary group whose number is neither fixed, limited nor relevant. We hope it is expanding.
A first open call has been the opportunity to design our ideal of an artist residency. We established that a group of artists meeting in a given place for a given period of time suffice to make an artist residency. No predetermined aim is needed, things happen.
The open call was spread on the net. We received more applications than expected, highlighting a need and the relevance of this approach. We had to make a selection  on our own: sometimes based on artistic proximity, sometimes on more chancy criteria. At the end, we realised that the best candidate was any-one willing to join strangers with fuzzy expectations.

bi- gathered 15 people from various backgrounds. Some did work, others didn’t, but everyone discussed matters that were important to them, everyone taught something to someone, we all discovered things together.

Most importantly, almost every participant offered a new place to gather for a future residency. The residency should then go on, hosted in various locations where we could welcome new people.