[パフォーマンス] 梅雨の終わり
[Performance] The End of TSUYU

The river is a symbol of the growth and the fertility, since ancient times our civilisations were built next to the water and with this, life and prosperity have been sustained. Along with the water the fire came and civilised everything. These two elements will dance a tour together in front of the Temples of Matsudo City, asking for prosperity and fortune for the citizens of the city. 50 lamps will cross the Saka River through the coloured route on the map. This map shows how a large number of temples are in the surroundings of this section of the river that does not accumulate more than 200 m. In this offering to the temples of the city, the human hand does not take part in the performance, it is the own evolution of the elements that will dictate the duration of the work from the departure of 50 floating lamps until the arrival of the last one.