[似顔絵ワークショップ] シルレイ・ヴィラヴィセンシオ・ピザンゴ|Hajimemashite
[Portrait Workshop] Shirley Villavicencio Pizango|Hajimemashite

文化ホール 国際友好ギャラリー/松戸西口公園 20

3週間、日本中を旅した彼女の興味は、日本人の人との距離の取り方にありました。旅の中で、一見すると人と関わりを持たないように思われる日本人とも、打ち解けるのが難しいわけではないと気が付いた彼女。Hajimemashite は、そんな経験をもとにした似顔絵を描く空間です。


Hajimemashite によって生まれたのは、絵のスキルをあげるためのワークショップではなく、似顔絵を口実にした、誰でも参加可能な交流でした。言葉すらなくとも成立するその豊かな時間は、次のアーティストの作品制作につながっていくことでしょう。


日時:2017/07/23(日) 13:00~18:00 *時間中、自由にご参加いただけます
会場:文化ホール 国際友好ギャラリー(千葉県松戸市松戸1307-1 松戸ビルヂング4F)・松戸西口公園(千葉県松戸市本町22−4)

Shirley Villavicencio Pizango|Hajimemashite

After three weeks traveling around Japan the artist came to notice that Japanese people live in a individualistic society. Therefore, for the Japanese as an individual, it is difficult to make contact with others. Interactions between strangers is rarely spontaneous in Japan. Most Japanese people tend to keep others at a safe distance, without noticing it themselves. They don’t want to disturb people, which keeps them from meeting others. As a foreigner in Japan the artist discovered that Japanese people don’t have difficulties to open up to her. Based on these experiences the artist creates a meeting place named: Hajimemashite. It is an installation where people can portray. The artist commences a portrait and asks the spectator to complete it. This way the spectator finishing the drawing comes into contact with the model. It doesn’t matter if the spectator has a talent for drawing or not. It’s all about the interaction, the eye contact, experience the presence of someone else and the intimacy that exists while making a portrait. The latter is the link the artist makes with her own work. Her work revolves around portraits of people coming to pose in her personal studio. In this process the model exposes itself witch creates a moment of intimacy.

Date : Sunday 23th, July, 2017
Time : 13:00~18:00
Place:Cultural Hall
Address : 4F, 1307-1, Matsudo, Matsudo-city, Chiba
Artist :Shirley Villavicencio Pizango
Participation: Free