[展示] ピープル・オブ・パターン|アリア・アリ
[EXHIBITION] People of Pattern|Alia Ali

2週間の滞在を終えて旅立った後は、ベトナム・インドでの旅と制作が続いたそうです。PARADISE AIRが旅するアーティストのトランジットポイントであることを強く意識する機会となりました。
Alia is a Yemeni-Bosnian-American multi-media artist and visual storyteller. Through around 80-country traveling, she gathered local textiles and made her work series “People of Pattern” which reflects on the politics and poetics of contested notions surrounding the topics of identity, physical borders, spaces of confinement, and multi-racial identities.  In Matsudo, she made an installation work at Matsudo JR station square using Japanese fabric bought in Nishi-Nippori, the town famous for fabric retails. People walking through looked surprised but took interests in her idea.
After staying in Matsudo, she made a creative tour in Vietnam and India. So that we strongly realized again that PARADISE AIR is a transit point for traveling artists.