[トーク] 言上真舟、タッド・セー
[TALK] Mafune Gonjo, Tad Sare


同時期にPARADISE AIRに滞在した二人のアーティストを迎えてトークイベントを開催しました。

言上さんはスウェーデンを拠点にガラスを使った作品制作に取り組んでいます。スウェーデンに渡ったあと、言葉や物価の高さに困難を感じる中で生まれた、ガラスの破片からなるドレス「Contradiction in daily life」は彼女の代表作となりました。幼少期から現在までのお話からは、ターニングポイントとなる時にはいつも、自身をとりまく環境を行動と作品制作によって積極的に変えていく姿勢がある事がうかがえます。現在はアーティスト・イン・レジデンス(AIR)はアーティストが日常生活から離れ制作に集中出来る仕組みだと気づいた体験から、世界各国のAIRを巡りながら精力的に制作されているそうです。美しく繊細な作品の影にある、アーティストとしてのタフさを感じられるトークとなりました。

日時:2016年6月12日(日) 13:00~15:00
会場:文化ホール 国際友好ギャラリー
住所:千葉県松戸市松戸1307-1 松戸ビルヂング4F

We have held a talking event inviting two residents Mafune Gonjo and Tad Sare.
Mafune makes glass works based in Sweden. She moved to learn in Stockholm from Japan 8 years ago, and made her masterpiece “Contradiction in daily life” in a difficult situation about languages and economics. In her talk, it was positively supposed that she has tried to change troublesome situations by moving and creation whenever she had difficulties. And now she works and travels around various Artist In Residences in the world from experience she noticed AIR can make artists to concentrate completely on creations far from their daily life. Audience seemed to be able feel her toughness as an artist behind her beautiful, fragile glass woks.
On the other hand, Tad creating animation movies in United States talked his experiments while staying in Matsudo. It was about how he got interests in Japanese GIFT culture like wrapping skills, Furoshiki(cloth for wrapping), souvenirs after travel and behaviors to pass gifts each other. In his previous movies, he preferred to show a briefcase as a motif describing mystery so that wrapped gifts are related to this theme in a sense.  After his staying in Matsudo, we have got a new gift he expected to return.
The movie is coming soon on this website.

DATE : Sunday, 12th June, 2016
TIME : 13:00-15:00
VENUE : International Friendship Gallery, Matsudo Cultural Hall
ARTIST : Gonjo Mafune, Tad Sare

Article by Moe Fujisue
Image 4 of 5 “Contradiction in daily life” photo by Anders Johansson