LONG Stay Program 2015 招聘アーティスト決定!
The resident artist is selected for LONG Stay Program 2015!

“Tell me what you see” (8 × 3 m, Walk and Talk Festival, Portugal, 2015)

今年度のLONG Stay Programで招聘するアーティストが決定致しました!

MISTER MOURAO|ミスター・ムラオ(ポルトガル出身、美術家)



今回はゲスト審査員として住友文彦氏(アーツ前橋館長)、毛利嘉孝氏(東京藝術大学准教授)、堀内奈穂子氏(NPO法人アーツイニシアティヴトウキョウ[AIT/エイト] キュレーター)を迎え、

We are pleased to announce the following artist selected for LONG Stay Program 2015!

MISTER MOURAO (Portugal, Artist)

Term of Residence : Sunday, November 1st, 2015 to Sunday, January 31st, 2016
Profile :
Mister Mourao is the alias of Vasco Mourao (Portugal, 1979), an architect turned into an artist with a tendency for obsessive drawing. Only with a black pen, paper and time, he draws cities and other architectural meanderings. Inhabiting a place between fine art and illustration, Vasco works with clients like The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Wired, Domus, Ogilvy, Acura, Established&Sons, etc… as well creating exclusive artworks for private clients.

This year, the Long Stay Program proposed “PRESENT” as the keyword for the open call. We encouraged artists to incorporate present circumstances into a proposal that leave somthing for the people like a gift. We received 251 from 55 countries and 129 cities. The field of expression varied from Fine Arts, Performance, Project-based Art, and Music.

The PARADISE AIR team conducted total of four in-depth examinations; the judges Mr.Fumihiko Sumitomo (President, Arts Maebashi), Mr.Yoshitaka Mohri (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts) and Mr.Isamu Kinoshita (Professor, Chiba University), Naoko Horiuchi (Curator, Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]) were not the only voices for the selection. The final selection was done by Matsudo Community Planning Council, a local organization consisting of leaders representing a wide array of local districts.

During their residency, a number of events and activities will take place in Matsudo. We will announce updated information soon, so please check our website again.