Lee Daeil 「古民家コンサート&滞在成果報告」

古民家スタジオ 旧・原田米店 62人 パフォーマンス|大歳芽里(ダンス)、レネ・ヴァン=ムンステル(チェロ) 演奏者|猪鹿倉陽子、長田雛子、高見澤峻介、處美野、西尾健史、野中圭一、松岡マサタカ、三野綾子、


『現在』では、地元の桔梗屋クリーニング店やパチンコホール楽園で録音された音源と、音楽家庄子渉(PARADISE AIRのスタッフでもある)によるピアノ演奏のリミックスの音源が発表されました。『過去』では、オーディエンスを演奏者として巻き込み、なんと古民家そのものを楽器に変えて演奏されました。最後の『人間』では、ダンサー大歳芽里がオーディエンスと古民家や植栽を糸で絡めるゲリラパフォーマンスから始まり、さらにはイ・デイルとチェロ奏者レネ・ヴァン・ムンステルが、観客と周りの環境をつないだ糸を弦楽器のように演奏するパフォーマンスが披露されました。



The Traditional House Concert was conducted in the courtyard of an old Japanese home which once served as the Harada Rice Store alongside the path of the Mitokaidou. The concert was a sound performance created from three themes: present, past, and person.

For “present,” recorded sounds from the local Rakuen Pachinko Parlor and Kikyouya Dry Cleaning were remixed with piano music performed by PARADISE AIR’s very own Wataru Shoji. For “past,” the audience members themselves were incorporated into the piece when asked to “play” the house as if an instrument. Finally, for “person,” Dancer Meri Otoshi began a guerilla performance inspired by the audience’s interaction with the house while cellist Rene Van Munster and Daily accompanied on string instruments.




Meri Otoshi was born in Kyoto, Japan. At age three, she began studying classic dance in the Arima Ballet at the Kyoto School of Ballet. She is a graduate of Showa Academia Musicae, where she studied a wide range of dance, including classical, modern, and folkloric dance. She currently dances for street jazz clubs, special events, commercials, show clubs, etc. She has accompanied an innumerable number of actors, singers, visual artists, and musicians, she performs primarily in Kyoto and Osaka, and through her work she uses her body to explore dance free from concept.



Date | Saturday November 2nd, 2013

Concert : 15:00~ / Artist talk: 17:00~

Venue | Old House Studio “ex-harada rice store”

Players|Otoshi Meri, Rene Van Munster,  Igakura Youko, Osada Hinako,Takamizawa Shunsuke,Tokoro Mino,Nishio Takeshi, Nonaka Keiichi,Matsuoka Masataka,,Mino Ayako