(clarinet & bass clarine)

フライブルグ市出身。 ハンス・アイスラー音楽大学ジャズ科修了。学生時代よりフリー・インプロ・シーンで活動し、レイキャビク・ジャズフェスティバルを始め、欧州各地で活動。また、シアター、舞踏、パフォーマンス・アート等の芸術とのプロジェクトに多数参加する。澄んだ音色と時空を超えた演奏は定評がある。ルディ・マハル、トニー・バック、内橋和久、藤井郷子、田村夏樹、ジョン・シュレーダー、カイ・リュプケらと共演。

born in Freiburg in the black forest in the south of Germany. Surrounded by a very musical family he started playing viola and piano at an early age. It was until he started playing the saxophone as a teenager when he began taking practicing serious though. Very soon he had success at classical competitions but turned to playing and listening to jazz and improvised music.

He studied at the prestigious Hochschule für Musik in Berlin where he has lived ever since, working in various projects ranging from free improvised music to more conventional things. He has toured several countries in Germany as well as Japan.