KUFは、Tom Schneider(synthesizer/sampler)、Hendrik Havekost(drums/electronics)、Valentin Link(double bass/moog)による人力ハウス・テクノ・テックファンク系トリオ・バンド。2016年夏、奇才Stefan GoldmannによるレーベルMacroよりフルアルバム“Gold”をリリース。その作品は、ベルリンの有名レコード・ショップHardwaxをはじめ、各メディアで賞賛され、現在、注目を浴びている。


KUF create emotion-laden dialogues across layers of time and dimensions of sound. Voices recorded in
private and in the past are chopped up and brought out center-stage to sing with beats hammered out right
here and now. Glowing synths push forward. Basslines rise to grab the melodic role of a track while a vowel
is truncated and locked into a grid to drive the rhythm. Voices move within the time frame of a sample,
performed by hands pushing keys, guided by the ear, immersed in a trio session’s deep flow… A vortex of
quirky hands, responsive ears and glowing circuits.
Since Thomas A. Edison first recorded the human voice in 1877, the recording arts have changed music
forever. Musicians have explored the endless possibilities of bouncing their input onto layers of tape, off the
walls of an echo chamber or the circuitry of electronic helpers that modulate, spatialize, shift, divide or
multiply the work of human hands and mouths. An era of sampling offered a cubistic analysis of the recorded
past and DJs took dancers onto intricately fractured time travels. This is the historic foundation that KUF
keep probing. Just like the sampler and the DJ before them, they found new ways to re-allocate where
machine and man stand when making music together. Most importantly, they get sparkling bursts of energy
from the resulting friction.


[コンサート] KUF
[Concert] KUF

料金:1,000円(inc. 1-Drink)※予約不要

KUF (Macro) from Berlin, Germany
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