PARADISE AIR 9月サバティカル休暇のお知らせ
PARADISE AIR will be on sabbatical in September

PARADISE AIRでも前例のない出来事の連続で「何が今正しいのか」「何だったら今できるか」の選択を、小さなことから大きなことまで日々迫られ切り抜けてきました。

まもなくMATSUDO “QOL” AWARD第3期の滞在終了を迎えるにあたり、オーバーヒート気味の脳を休ませ、視野を広げるべく、スタッフ全員がPARADISE AIRの仕事をお休みするサバティカル休暇をとることに致しました。
それぞれ専門性の違うフリーランスが集まるPARADISE AIRスタッフ達はこの期間、別の仕事に邁進したり、調べ物や勉強をしたり、のんびり過ごしてリフレッシュ、などする予定です。

PARADISE AIRスタッフのお休み期間

上記の期間について、SHORTSTAY Programの応募は受け付けていますが、
サバティカル後のPARADISE AIRを楽しみにお待ち下さいませ。良い夏を!


[おしらせ] 滞在アーティストの受入れを制限中

The response to the COVID-19 epidemic spreads, which began in February 2020, has led to major policy changes and project cancellations and/or postponements at artist residencies across Japan. Many of the artists and staff members were hugely affected by the situation which they never expected at the beginning of the year.

At PARADISE AIR, we have been also faced unprecedented things that have forced us to make choices every day; “What’s the right thing to do now?” and “What could we do now?”

As the third term of the MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD will soon close, we decided to take a sabbatical from staff works at PARADISE AIR in order to rest our overheated brains and broaden our horizons.
We are collective freelancers with different specialties, and will be taking a sabbatical for working on other projects, doing some researches, or just relaxing to refresh ourselves.

Sabbatical vacation period for PARADISE AIR staffs
Wednesday, September 2 – Wednesday, September 30, 2020

We will be receiving applications for the SHORTSTAY Program for the above period, but please note that all inquiries will be answered in or after October. Please look forward to PARADISE AIR after the sabbatical. Have a nice summer!


【Related Informaition】
PARADISE AIR is currently limiting the acceptance of artists