[オンライントーク]QOL Baton
[Online Talk]QOL Baton


MATSUDO “QOL” AWARDの滞在アーティストによる、オンライントークイベントを開催します。

コロナ禍のさなかに東京・松戸にいたジー・チーとラルフ・ルムブレスが、MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD第1期に応募し、選ばれ、松戸に3週間滞在して取り組んだことを振り返ります。
イベント当日の7月14日は、第2期に選出されたアーティストがPARADISE AIRでの滞在制作を始める初日でもあります。MATSUDO “QOL” AWARDという場を次期のアーティスト達にバトンタッチするためのイベントです。Zoomにてどなたでもご覧いただけますので、ぜひご参加下さい。

[QOL Baton オンライントーク]
時間:19:00-20:30 (18:45- Zoomリンクオープン)
会場: Zoom

We are organizing an online talk event with the resident artists of MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD

Jie Qi and Ralph Lumbres, who were in Tokyo and Matsudo in the time of the coronavirus outbreak, were chosen as laureates of the first term of MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD and spent three weeks in PARADISE AIR to work on their project. In the talk event, they will look back and share their experience.
The day of the talk event, July 14, will also be the first day for the second term of the residency to start. A new group of artists will begin their residency at PARADISE AIR. The talk will be an opportunity to pass the baton of MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD to the next group of resident artists. It will be available on Zoom for everyone to attend. Please join us!

QOL Baton Online Talk]
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Time: 7 pm-8.30 pm JST (Zoom link opens at 6.45pm)
Venue: Zoom
Admission: Free
Speakers: MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD resident artists
[First term] Jie Qi and Ralph Lumbres
[Second term] Tetsu Umehara, Yoshie Kuroda, and Taro Yasuno
*Japanese/English interpretation is available.