[募集終了] MATSUDO “QOL” AWARDが始まりました

📣 アーティストが’没頭すること’を応援します

昨年から始まったMATSUDO AWARDでは、松戸市にゆかりがあり、作品制作の意欲があるアーティストを対象にした公募・制作支援を行なってきました。
今年は現在の状況を鑑み、”アーティスト人生のうちのコロナ禍中3週間をPARADISE AIRで過ごして頂き、松戸での制作体験を創出する”ために松戸駅から60分圏内に居住するアーティストを対象とした「MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD」と形を変えて公募を行ないます。“QOL”は「Quality Of Life(生活の質)」を意味する表現ですが、この公募では「Quarantine Of Laureate(受賞者の隔離)」も目指します。

選出されたアーティストには、滞在期間中の生活に使える支援金(日当)とPARADISE AIRのレジデンスルームでのクリエイティブな引きこもりの時間を提供します。




①6月16日(火)〜 ※5月31日応募〆切
②7月14日(火)〜 ※6月28日応募〆切
③8月11日(火)〜 ※7月26日応募〆切

対象  :松戸駅から60分圏内に居住している、応募条件に当てはまる日本国籍および外国籍のアーティスト

・PARADISE AIRのレジデンスルーム1部屋の無償提供
・過去の滞在アーティスト(海外)とのオンライン交流機会 等



MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD, a new open call has been launched!

Since last year, PARADISE AIR has been running the MATSUDO AWARD program to invite artists who are closely connected with the city of Matsudo to create artwork in the city.
This year, as a response to the current situation, we are launching a call to offer a special 3-week experience at PARADISE AIR, allowing artists to create artworks in Matsudo in this time of coronavirus outbreak. MATSUDO AWARD will temporarily change its name to MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD and only invite artists who live within 60 minutes of Matsudo station.

The chosen artist will be provided funding (per diem per stay) which can be used for living expenses during the program, a private space, and production time at PARADISE AIR.
By offering a working environment separated from home for a set period of time (three weeks), this program aims to create time and space for artists to focus on creation for the future of themselves and their works.

Throughout the nation, arts, culture, and its public nature is in a moment of crisis. However, since those qualities in Matsudo are rooted deeply in people’s lifestyle and everyday life, we would like to believe that they will be able to survive toughly and lithely under any circumstances. We will continue to place trust and always support artists. We look forward to receiving applications from those who can cooperate to examine our beliefs.

(Illustration by Haruka Shinji)


Application Period: Monday, May 18, 2020 at 5 p.m. – Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (JST)
Residency Periods: 3 weeks each
1. Tuesday, June 16 – Tuesday, July 7 (Application deadline: May 31)
2. Tuesday, July 14 – Tuesday, August 4 (Application deadline: June 28)
3. Tuesday, August 11 – Tuesday, September 1 (Application deadline: July 26)

Openings: One (1) artist for each period (1, 2, and 3)
Eligibility: Artists of Japanese and foreign nationality who live within 60 minutes of Matsudo station and who meet application requirements.

What PARADISE AIR can offer you:
– A room at PARADISE AIR. (Free heat, light, water, and internet.)
– Per diem of 3,000 JPY per stay, per person.
– An opportunity to “meet” with previous PARADISE AIR resident artists (from overseas) online.
And so on.

Detailed information and application form: