[展示] 民話の川
[Exhibition] Mythical Rivers

隠居屋 IN kyo-Ya(千葉県松戸市南花島中町196)



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日時:2018/07/21(土) 11:00-16:00
会場:隠居屋 IN kyo-Ya
アーティスト:アーティスト: ジュルス・ガブス、ヤリ・アリソン
主催:PARADISE AIR、Omusubi不動産
助成:文化庁(平成30年度 文化芸術創造拠点形成事業)、松戸市

Date : Saturday, 21st July, 2018
Open : 11am – 4pm
Venue : Inkyoya
Address : 196, Nakacho, Minamihanashima, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
Admission : Free
Artists : Yarli Allison, Juls Gabs
Organized by : PARADISE AIR, Omusubi Real Estate
Supported by : Matsudo City, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Mythical Rivers is a duo exhibition featuring Juls Gabs (b.1989, Spain) and Yarli Allison (b.1988, Canada / Hong Kong) in Matsudo, Japan where their studio is based temporarily. The show is installed site-specifically in a hundred years old Japanese house, where audience encounters contemporary events connecting ancient folklores from around the world, yet familiarly resonate with the architecture’s past.

Juls Gabs’s works extend from the failure on the restoration work ‘Ecce Homo’ in Borja, Spain, suggested that her home country may have a lack of respect in preserving historical art. Drawing interest from recent failure restoration works also called Ecce Homo in Spain those gain success in tourism, she comments on its social irony, cultural neglect, and its internet phenomenon, by producing a series of her own ‘Ecce Homos’ based on the Catholic stories and rituals.

Instagram: @julsgabs

Yarli Allison’s video work imagining alternative ideas counter to self-consumption and de-growth, generating new fictional events collaborating with past memories in historical sites. Storylines of artist’s past, myths and current culture are intertwined in a form of fake news, unfolds and completes her narrative by experimenting with processes of content production through conscious segmenting of visual and time-based ingredients in the video screen.

Instagram: @yarliallison

The artists are currently based in London, UK.