[パフォーマンス] 呆然自失|イーシュアン・パン
[Performance] Bou Zen Ji Shitsu|Pan Yixuan

クリエイティブスペース KAMINARI(浅草) 30人

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日時:2016年7月18日(月) 19:00〜

A performance on top of the roof of Kaminari building, Askakusa, Tokyo, Japan, in July, 18, 2016. Spot light, an iPad with a poem and a camera, plastic speak horn, unexpected rain drops. Using all the Japanese words I know (mostly from the Japanese lessons I took in five years ago), I played with the brokenness of an unfamiliar language, the poetic quality of everyday vocabulary, and the first-person experience of living and dreaming in a strange land; I created a poem and performed it for the local crowds.

DATE : Sunday, 18th July, 2016
TIME : 19:00~
VENUE : Creative Space KAMINARI
ARTIST : Pan Yixuan

Article by Wataru Shoji