[展示] インタースティシャル|レベッカ・トーマス
[Exhibition]Interstitial|Rebecca Thomas

読書推進センター 2F 研修室


日時:2016年5月28日(土)~29日(日) 10:00~17:00
会場:読書推進センター 2F 研修室

“Interstitial” the exhibition by Rebecca Thomas was composed of some drawings, soft sculptures made while staying in Matsudo and silk curtains dyed when her diploma. Its expressive style was mixture of various materials like fabrics, pillows, drawings and spaces, that’s why she’s called Multimedia Artist.
We were pleased to welcome a lot of children to this exhibition because the site was a public library for kids who seemed to be the best critics running through curtains and wearing curious-shaped pillows. They ware able to understand the meaning of “Interstitial” without explanations at all.

DATE : Saturday, 28th ~ Sunday, 29th May, 2016
TIME : 10:00~17:00
VENUE : Matsudo Kids Library
ARTIST : Rebecca Thomas

Article by Moe Fujisue