VIA#012 創作楽器ワークショップ&コンサート「Ritual」


アーティスト・イン・レジデンス「PARADISE AIR」では、国内外からアーティストを招聘し
今回はイタリア出身でイギリス在住のアーティストユニット「Conductive Music」のお二人をお招きします。

「Conductive Music」の代表エンリコ・ベルテッリは、イタリア出身/イギリス在住のアーティスト/研究者です。
現在は、演奏家・研究者として活躍する傍ら、電子信号を伝導する素材を用いた創作楽器を通じたワークショップ「Conductive Music」など先進的な取り組みを行っています。


VIA#012 創作楽器ワークショップ&コンサート「Ritual」


Conductive Music from Enrico Bertelli on Vimeo.


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Ritual, a project by Conductive Music, proposes a cross-disciplinary collaboration based on interactive musical instruments. Based on conductivity, the bespoke instruments will combine augmented objects (MakeyMakey), wearable digital clothing (Flora), and motion tracking (Leap Motion). In performance, these will become interactive platforms for artistically exploring rhythms of life and technological change in agrarian societies.

Ritual reflects upon universal elements of agriculture – light, air, water, earth, plants, and metal. Agriculture has been a part of life in these two countries for millennia. Farming, though still treasured and protected, only comprises a small part of the UK and Japan GDP today, a result of the post-war emphasis on technology production. The arable land in both island nations is disappearing. By incorporating natural elements and movements that embody the processes of agriculture alongside new technologies, we hope to provide a reflection upon the place of farming, land, heritage, and nature in Japanese and British culture today.

date:Monday, 27th, Oct, 6:30 pm~
venue:Iwase Community Hall(7 minutes walk from East Gate of Matsudo St.)
address : 38, Iwase, Matsudo-city, Chiba
addmission : free
oraganized by : Matsudo Community Planning Counsil
cooperated by : Matsudo City, Tokyo University of the Arts

Enrico Bertelli
An electronic music performer, teacher and researcher. His commissions include New Music New Media (Aldeburgh & Kings Place) and Hack the Barbican. Co-curator of Sensorium (£13k) (Project Arts Centre, Dublin) funded by the Irish Arts Council (2010); Artist in Residence with Atelier L’Arsenale (Venice), Ensemble Modern (Innsbruck), Ensemble Recherche (Freiburg); performs throughout Europe, with frequent performance engagements in UK and Italy. 8+ years experience in teaching instrumental one-to-one and Whole Class Instrumental Tuition. Lecturer at the University of York, for his specialist course Italian for Musicians, to be published on TuttiItalia. His work has recently featured on New Scientist, ScreamingGoatTV and Nonclassical. He is touring England with research ensemble SpaceF!ght, recipient of the Emergency Excellence Award and
Wellcome Trust award, for the sonification of Ozone data, from NASA satellites.

Emily Robertson
A PhD candidate, composer, and vocalist at Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. She was Artist-in-Residence for Metropolitan Arts Centre (Belfast, 2011); produced commissions for City of Letterkenny (2013) and Belfast Culture Night (2013); and was Event Manager for Sonorities International Festival of Contemporary Music (2012 & 2013). Currently, she is Co-Director of Conductive Music in London with Dr. Enrico Bertelli. She is an experienced manager and workshop leader for children’s programs and public outreach initiatives, and is Certified Associate in Project Management by the International Project Management Institute.

Conductive Music
Artists and researchers Dr. Enrico Bertelli and Emily Robertson, form the duo Conductive Music. They have collaborated on several successful art projects in the past three years, including the inaugural public engagement and education project Conductive Music, which reached hundreds of London school students with innovative open-source technology and contemporary art. CM artistic concepts and technical integration have received praise from school partners, technical partners, the London Music Hackspace, Youth Music, Newham Music Trust, Community Music, European Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of England, British Council, PRS Foundation, Music Mark, AdaFruit, LeapMotion blog, JoyLabz (USA), ArtParkING (RU) and Mariinsky Theatre (St Petersburg).