PARADISE AIR 2014 招聘アーティスト決定!!
PARADISE AIR 2014 Artists selected!!

今年度のPARADISE AIRに滞在するアーティストが2組決定致しました!

  Matt Sheridan|マット・シェリダン


  Aleksandra Wałaszek|アレクサンドラ・ヴァワシェク







審査は、ゲスト審査員としてお迎えした住友文彦氏(アーツ前橋館長)、毛利嘉孝氏(東京藝術大学准教授)、木下勇氏(千葉大学教授)だけでなく、松戸まちづくり会議(松戸駅周辺の自治会・町内会の代表者で構成される団体)のPARADISE AIR運営チームと理事合同で、合計4回に渡り行いました。






かつて宿場町だった松戸が、水戸から江戸へ旅する人々の一時的な「現在地」だったように、PARADISE AIRに滞在するアーティストも、日本の外からやってきて松戸で限られた時間を過ごし、その後別の場所に移動して行きます。単に「来て、作って、去る」ということでも「町の人と関わってくれればOK」ということでもなく、その人にしか訪れない「現在地」をどのように捉え、そこで何をするのか。地図とそれを手にする人の関係のように、客観と主観が共存する新鮮な出会いが松戸で起こることを期待しています。


We are pleased to announce the following two artists selected for PARADISE AIR 2014 Long Stay Program!


   Matt Sheridan (USA, Animation/Video/Painting)

  Aleksandra Wałaszek (Poland, Installation Art/Performance/Graphic Design)


Term of Residence: Friday, December 15th, 2014 to Thursday, February 12th, 2015

This year, the Long Stay Program proposed “HERE” as the keyword for the open call. We encouraged artists to incorporate Matsudo’s people and regional resources into a proposal that explores the town’s temporal, spatial, and/or physical “place.”

We received 253 from 65 countries and 138 cities. The field of expression varied from Fine Arts, Performance, Project-based Art, and Music.

The PARADISE AIR team conducted total of four in-depth examinations; the judges Mr.Fumihiko Sumitomo (President, Arts Maebashi), Mr.Yoshitaka Mohri (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts) and Mr.Isamu Kinoshita (Professor, Chiba University) were not the only voices for the selection. The final selection was done by Matsudo Community Planning Council, a local organization consisting of leaders representing a wide array of local districts.
The evaluation axis being used were,

  1. The quality of works and the attraction of the artist
  2. Feasibility of the proposed plan
  3. Affinity with town

During their residency, a number of events and activities will take place in Matsudo. We will announce updated information soon, so please check our website again.

About the theme “HERE”

“You are HERE,” the familiar phrase emblazoned upon maps to orient a passing traveler, marks not a specific location, but rather a fleeting subjective experience. “You are HERE, in this exact location, for this exact moment.” This particular instance of presentness may serve as a point of transit between one’s origin and destination, or perhaps merely as the moment one must seize in order to travel from the past into the future.
Just as Matsudo often became the “You are HERE” for travelers along the Edo River and Mitokaido Highway, those who participate in PARADISE AIR will recognize Matsudo as their temporal and spatial “HERE” along their artistic journey. Rather than operating under the mindset of “come, create, and leave – oh, and remember to incorporate the locals!,” we encourage our artists to ask, “how may I capture this presentness,” and, “what can I do specifically because I am HERE?” Just as the map and the traveler coexist as object and subject, we are searching for proposals that uniquely focus upon the relationship between the artist and his/her residence.