Lee Daeil「水中コンサート|Underwater Concert」
Lee “Daily” Daeil Event Report (Pool Concert)

スポーツクラブNAS 松戸 89人 持ち物|水着、水泳用キャップ、タオル、ゴーグル






The Underwater Concert was conducted inside the pools of “NAS Matsudo,” a local sports club located near the west exit of the Matsudo train station. The event was attended by many who braved the stormy weather outside, and also drew attention from regular club members who had originally come just to exercise.

For this concert, Daily installed two water proof speakers into a pool and transmited sounds created during and inspired by his time spent in Matsudo. The sounds – primarily from whales – were composed in order to simulate “classical, prenatal music” which would allow the submerged listener to experience a “return” to the womb.

Submerged ears floated along the surface of the water as they listened. The sounds flowing out from the speakers could only be under the water. Above the water, the everyday, industrial sounds of the space echoed through the room. As a result, the ephemeral surface of the water served as a gateway between the organic and natural (underwater) and the manmade and unnatural (above water), thus allowing for a “return” to the prenatal.