1971年、オランダ、ライデン生まれ。 14歳でグラフィティを始め、1992年リートフェルト・アカデミー入学を機にアムステルダムに活動拠点を移す。卒業後はアーティスト/グラフィックデザイナーとして活動を開始。3Dタイポグラフィーに特化した独自のグラフィティを追求する。そして、現在に至るまでグラフィティをバックグラウンドとした新たな表現を駆使し、ポスト・グラフィティシーンの第一人者として活躍している。世界中のストリートのみならずギャラリーや美術館で作品を発表し続けている。

Zedz, The Netherlnds, 1971

After finishing highschool and making graffiti on the
streets for several years Zedz started to study at the
Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. In 1998 he
graduated artschool and started working as an independent
artist/ designer. His work strongly relates to typography
while crossing over in to abstract and 3 dimensional objects.

Zedz his name is the backbone of his work and comes from
the graffiti he has been making since he was a teenager.
Even his recent works still relate strongly to this background.
With his work Zedz aims at pushing and pulling on the
boundaries to create new formats ideas and thoughts concer-
ning the topic of design, lettering and graffiti.

Good examples of this are the collaboration works between
Zedz and Maurer United Architects. This collaboration was
ignited to research the tension between graffiti and
architecture and resulted in a series of proposals for ‘graffiti-
architecture’. In the last few years Zedz did build several huge
3d pieces that serve as street furniture, these works can be
regarded as crossover between graffiti and it’s 3 dimensional

Since his academy time Zedz is exposing his works to the
public through a more or less underground an less established
exhibition/ gallery scene. Lately his work is more to be seen
above ground though Zedz still prefers to claims public space for
showing experiments to a larger and less specific and more general

Fields of Zedz interest are architecture,design,
,public art, graffiti, clothing, Robots, plastic model kits
interaction design and collaboration between different

At this moment Zedz is living in Milan where he is working
on studies for mural paintings and researching and modelling
studies for new street furnitures.



2010年に松戸に根本壁画通りの作品を残したグラフィティアーティスト、ZEDZが松戸に再来を果たします。オランダ出身でイタリア在住のZEDZは、トップレベルのグラフィティアーティストとして世界各地で活躍しています。今回の滞在では、松戸のまちの様々な場所をリサーチして選び出した、西・・・ more