Yumiko Ohno is an artist who currently lives and works in the United States and Japan after having worked in former socialist countries such as Russia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for about 10 years. Ohno’s recent theme is utopia, that is, an ideal world that exists only in the world of the imagination. Considering her own country of origin, Japan, as a nation located between the East and the West, she conducts comparative research on American, Soviet Union, and Japanese utopian architecture, and creates porcelain works with drawings and molds based on these buildings. The drawing works traces and fills in images of the surface of a material to form an imaginary architecture using only the surface, and the process of porcelain molding creates a three-dimensional object by copying the surface of a three-dimensional object, so both of these mediums are highly connected to superficiality. By using these techniques, she attempts to form the interior and content from the surface.