1977年生まれ、テルアビブ在住。2004年エルサレムのBezalel Art & Designアカデミーを卒業。彼は、ストリート、及びアートワールドにおける公共空間の価値について扱い、それらの交わるポイントについて考察する。彼は現代文化に由来し、複製と再利用において、イメージの消耗と過読性を招いたような一般的でシンプルなイメージを用いて作品を制作する。ポップでキッチュなアイコン(例えば、夕焼け、炎、心臓、水上を飛び回るイルカのカップル、テレビシリーズの“Fame”のノスタルジックなロゴなど)を扱うことで、彼はロマンチックで、且つ失われてしまった本物の感情にもう一度触れ、現代の問題に向き合うためのシンプルで快適な方法を示唆する。過去にヨーロッパ、アメリカ、イスラエルにて個展、グループ展に参加。

Born 1977, Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated in 2004 at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. His work deals with the public space as a property, taking place in both fields; on the streets and inside the established Art world – searching the cross points between the two disciplines.
Matos uses in his works basic and simple images derived from the Modern Culture; images which already contain layers of replication and recycling – an evolution which leads both to the depletion and the over-readability of these images. By dealing with pop and kitsch icons (such as sunsets; flames of fire; a heart; a couple of dolphins jumping over the water; or even the nostalgic logo of the television series Fame) Matos wishes to touch once again the romantic, authentic and lost emotions, suggesting a simple and comforting way of confronting the contemporary disease of emotional disability. Furthermore the hypnotic WOW-effect of the flickering fluorescent lights functions as a warm welcoming hand to join and feel and experience the artifact and simultaneously alienates the viewer (on stage or at the Museum) by literally dazzling and flattening the space – this ambiguous sensation reflects and emphasizes our atmosphere, the way our surrounding culture progresses, emotionally, physically and virtually. In Love Fire Matos intervenes in the last scene by using both fake and hyperreal materials and methods in reaction not only to the dance itself but also to the Stage Arts discipline in general. Matos has exhibited solo and group shows in Europe, South America, US, Japan and in Israel.