梅津 千恵子

第7回日本管打楽器コンクール打楽器部門第1位。在京オーケストラと打楽器・マリンバ協奏曲を数多く共演。文化庁在外派遣研修員としてイタリアに留学。日本フィルに12年在籍後、渡伊、ミラノでパーカッションリサイタルを開催。ラ・ヴェルディ・ミラノ交響楽団でティンパニ打楽器奏者として9年演奏の傍らスイス・北イタリアを中心にソロ・室内楽活動を展開。2012年帰国後、研究室リズムミュージアム(松戸)を主宰し、ソロ、オーケストラ演奏のほか、Trio MVP(Marimba, Vibraphone, Pianoトリオ)では、オリジナルアレンジで独自のサウンドを追求。ワークショップをコンサートに取り入れ、好評を得ている。
昨年には国際交流基金(Japan Foundation)の助成を受け、メキシコ・チアパス州で6公演を成功させる。

Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and completed a Master’s course of the graduate school. Won the 1st place of the 7th Japan wind and percussion instrument competition.
Performed as a soloist “Concerto for percussion and orchestra by A. Jolivet” and others with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Philharmonie Orchestra Chiba, and the Geidai Philharmonia.
1989-2001, Played as a member of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.
Studied timpani at “Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano” as an overseas dispatch trainee of the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs.
2002, Moved to Milan, Held a percussion solo concert in Milan. And Started performance Percussion Solo, Duo and chamber music in Switzerland and North Italy.
2003-2011, Played as a timpanist and percussionist of La Verdi [ Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi ].
Returned to Japan in 2012, and founded the music laboratory [Rhythm Museum] in Matsudo.
Present, Performing chamber music in Sinfonietta Shizuoka Japan, and Trio MVP [Marimba,Vibraphone,Piano], working on teaching and research at the Laboratory Rhythm Museum.
2016, Received a grant from Japan foundation and made a concert tour in Chiapas province, Mexico successful.
Learn under Shingo Yoshida, Makoto Aruga, David Searcy and Jonathan Scurry.