curator / researcher

千葉県立美術館研究員。早稲田大学大学院文学研究科 美術史学コース修士課程修了、City College of New York, CUNY修了(M.A. in Art History)。早稲田大学文化構想学部 複合文化論系助手を経て、現職。専門はアメリカ近現代美術史。

Takayuki Yamada is a researcher at the Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art. After completing the master’s program in Art History at Waseda University, Yamada went on to study at the City College of New York, the City University of New York (CUNY), graduating with an M.A. in Art History. He worked as an assistant of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at Waseda University’s School of Culture Media and Society before assuming his current post. He specializes in the history of modern American art.