Tad Sare is a mutli-disciplinary artist, with an emphasis in animation, living in Philadelphia (U.S.). The medium of animation allows him to create work that deals with perception, communication, and interpretation by obscuring and revealing pieces of a narrative utilizing motion. The visual themes present in the work explore how we receive

information and process it on a personal and global level. The work borrows from devices and imagery from espionage literature and film that transcend time and place in a contemporary setting. He is currently the department chair of animation at the Delaware College of Art & Design instructing students in Fine Arts and Animation courses.


1) Your name

My only name is Tad. Short and simple.

2) In a sentence, please describe a project or artwork that you have finished recently

I am currently working on a stop motion animation video depicting shadowy figures carrying briefcases filled with threatening and humorous items.

3) What do you want to do during your time in Matsudo?

I want to examine the art of gift giving in Japan. It differs greatly from social expectations of gift giving in the U.S. This type of interaction is something I wish to investigate in a visual way using an animation technique known as ‘pixilation’, capturing and manipulating photographs of human subjects.

4) What is your favourite food?

I enjoy making and eating my own Polish Potato Salad (no mayo), French Onion Soup (extra swiss cheese), and Home-Baked Desserts (preferably chocolate).

5) Please write a short message or comment to the people of Matsudo.

This will be my first time in Matsudo. I look forward to meeting the people, sharing our cultures with one another, and eating good food. I know I will be inspired to create insightful art that reflects my positive experience of the city. Yoroshiku-onegaishimasu.


[トーク] 言上真舟、タッド・セー
[TALK] Mafune Gonjo, Tad Sare

同時期にPARADISE AIRに滞在した二人のアーティストを迎えてトークイベントを開催しました。

言上さんはスウェーデンを拠点にガラスを使った作品制作に取り組んでいます。スウェーデンに渡ったあと、言葉や物価の高さに困難を感じる中で生まれた、ガラスの破片からなるドレス「Co・・・ more

[映像] Hospitable Hosts|タッド・セー
[Animation] Hospitable Hosts|Tad Sare

ショートステイ・プログラムで滞在していたタッド・セーの映像作品が公開されました。アメリカ出身でアニメーションを使った作品制作に取り組むタッドは、日本に滞在した中でGift(贈り物)の文化に興味を持ったと言います。彼の映像作品に度々登場するBriefcase(書類かばん)は中に何が・・・ more