musician / producer

音楽家、アートコーディネーター/プロデューサー。1987年、仙台市出身。2010年、東京芸術大学音楽学部音楽環境創造科卒業。専門はコンピュータ音楽/インプロヴィゼーション。在学中、音楽家や建築家とともに古民家を改装したアートスペース「おっとり舎」を立ち上げ、国内外のアーティストを迎えて様々な公演や展示の企画、制作を行う。2013年より、アーティスト・イン・レジデンス「PARADISE AIR」を立ち上げ、アーティストや行政、住民と協働しながら、地域資源を活かした創造的なまちづくり「暮らしの芸術都市」に取り組んでいる。


Musician, Art Coordinator / Producer. 1987, born in Sendai. 2010, Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Musical Creativity and Environment. Majored in computer music and improvisation. He had opened alternative space “Ottorisha” with musicians and architect in Tokyo, inviting many artists from all over the world and organizing concerts and exhibitions. After graduated from the university, he had planed and organized art event with Matsudo city. In 2012, he had worked for building a new conference, consists of some neighborhood assosiations around Matsudo station. In 2013, he has started artist in residence program “PARADISE AIR” aiming for making the city creative, working with local residents, artists and city hall. He is also musician himself and organizes music events and works as a sound engineer.