Born in Osaka (Japan) in 1986. Dancer, Artist.
She studied architecture Design at Kyoto Institute of Technology. Ashtanga Yoga instructor learned in India. Dance teacher for children.
One of the founder of Me-no-Re Art Festival (2012,2013) in Tsuyama (Japan).
She acted in various directors’ works such as contemporary dance, buto and theater, and began her own creations since 2010. In her works, she is exploring the relationship between space and body while collaborating with architects and musicians, .
Sometimes she make props herself during her performances.
Recently she create some participatory performances with some materials such as balloons or karuta (Japanese card game). Since 2017, she holds the assembly called “HitsudanKai (筆談会)”, this project makes dialogues with only writing, without any voices, at public space or private space. This has been already held in Kyoto, Osaka, Busan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Now she is working with Chikara Fujiwara in various countries as the performer, researcher and writer. “Woman In A Port” at KARNABAL Festival 2017 in Manila, the official companion of East Asian Cultural Envoy in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai in 2018, “ENGEKI QUEST” in Hong Kong in 2018.