VOGRINČIČ was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1970. He has been creating site-specific work in urban and natural environments since the 1990s and has built an international reputation by creating installations specific to local places, traditions, and histories – filling the most ordinary or neglected places with even more ordinary objects. With all his work, Vogrinčič starts with the space but always leaves room to alter and develop the idea mid-process. His projects rely on a direct connection with the local community. Vogrinčič’s work has been exhibited in Italy, Japan, China, Russia, Slovenia, UK, New Zealand and Australia.


1) 名前 (もしニックネームなどあれば教えてください!)


2) 一番最近制作した/行ったアート作品について、文章で説明してください


3) 松戸に滞在する間にしたいことを教えてください


4) 一番好きな食べ物・料理は何ですか?


5) 松戸市の人々にひとことメッセージをください

松戸市のみなさま、このたびは松戸に滞在しその魅力を体験できる機会をたいへん楽しみにしています。人々、場所、地元料理、地酒… 楽しみです!

1) what is your name?

Matej Andraz Vogrincic.
2) What is your recent artwork?

My latest artwork in Japan was an installation I showed at Saitama Triennale. Reflecting the theme of the triennale of “Envisioning the Future!” and the aspect of the city of Saitama being called the bed town of Tokyo, the motif I chose were pillows, in which I multiplied and placed one thousand pillows in the courtyard of the main venue.
3) Anything you would like to try during your stay in Matsudo?

Discover the underlying culture of the people living in Matsudo and also the spaces as my work is site specific everything comes from the place first. I would love to explore hidden treasures of Matsudo.
4) What is your favorite food and dish?

I am not kidding my favorite food is Japanese. I love everything from uni to unagi.
5) Please share your message towards the people in Matsudo city!

Dear People of Matsudo I am really looking forward coming to your neighborhood and exploring it. People, places, local food, drinks…