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名前: マルタ・ボーアン。私の本名はマルタ・ボーアンではないので、これがニックネームと言えますね。


昨年“After Schmuck”という作品集を作りました。バッジにはひとつひとつ、自分の服装についての自由かつ個人的なスピーチが表現されています。ワークショップの間、是非みんなでこのバッジを着けて欲しいと思います。





Marta Boan is a jewellery artist. She studied Fine Arts, Jewellery and recently a Master Research in Art and Design in Barcelona, where she lives. She has been working and studying in Italy, England and Estonia. Her jewels have been exhibit around Europe and Japan. In her work, she explores the limit of the metals with min., geometrical forms as a wearable objects and the hide utility of the jewels-objects. 10 years of work that shows how jewellery has been the way to create relations between users and viewers in day-by-day life. She uses jewels in an active way thinking about the significance of the ornament.


1) Your name
I’m Marta Boan. Actually name Marta Boan is not my real name. It is all ready my nickname!
2) In a sentence, please describe a project or artwork that you have finished recently
Last year i made After Schmuck collection. They are badges with a message that promote to have a speech about what we are wearing. I have designed it with this idea. It is part about what I would like to propose to wear on my workshop.
3) What do you want to do during your time in Matsudo?
I would like to invite to participants of the workshop to wear a jewel and think about ornament in another way of how people is using a jewel. So, the way is the same. Each one take a jewel and wear it. What I would like is to make them to think in another way. What we use to be beautiful, what kind of message we give to others. Why we use jewels. In what propose we wear them. The way it will be to use my jewels and to think about them not only by each one, also by what others receive. To have an active way to interact with jewels and the others, the people.
4) What is your favorite food?
I come from a country where food is an important way to be together. From this idea there are different food that i love to enjoy with family or friends. In each different place i have new favorite food.
5) Please write a short message or comment to the people of Matsudo
I have an opportunity to come to Matsudo. This make me very glad and I would like to share it with you. It’s going to be an experience around jewelry art and its thoughts! Please, feel welcome!
Best wishes from sunny Barcelona!


[ワークショップ] Let’s 体験!2016
[WORKSHOP] Let's Try! 2016

この夏、はじめて中高生向けにパラダイスエアの活動を体験してもらう、ワークショップ企画「Let's 体験!2016」を行いました。
普段アーティストがやってくるたびに私たちスタッフが松戸の案内をします。生活に必要なスーパーやお気に入りの場所、公園、江戸川、飲食店、紹介する場所はス・・・ more