“ ヘテロトピア ” と呼ばれる現実の空間にありながら非日常の 体験ができる場所や表現に興味をもつ彼女は、イラストや写 真、パフォーマンス、舞台衣装のデザインといった多岐にわた る分野で作品づくりを行なっています。今回の滞在では 7 月 3 日 ( 日 ) に 松 戸 中 央 公 園 で お こ な わ れ る 聖徳大学「アートパークプロジェクト」にて写真を使ったワークショップを開催する 予定です。

Marilyne Grimmer is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

She first studied illustration and visual communication in London, UK before getting in the school of fine art of Paris, France where she graduated in 2007. In 2011 she did a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies), a post-master program about artistic research based at the time in Antwerp, Belgium.
Her work varies from installations, drawings, photography, performance. She is interested in the idea of heterotopia, multi-layered spaces (imaginary space, fictional space…) and the constrains linked to a specific space.
In parallel to her personal practice, she also work as a stage designer and costume designer for theater plays.
In 2013, together with Susanne Weck, they founded the collectif Repondeur Automatik with the aim to create time and space for practices of contextual questioning, playful interventions and lifelike masquerades.


1) Your name

Marilyne, I don’t really have nicknames…


2) In a sentence, please describe a project or artwork that you have finished recently
Together with Susanne Weck, with whom I work as a collectif (Repondeur automatik), we did a performance in a gallery in Paris. It was called « Party day – preparations ». During two hours, we invaded the whole space with 500 meters of paper garland, till the space was totally saturated and people couldn’t move anymore.


3) What do you want to do during your time in Matsudo?
I will make the passers-by, the curious people and inhabitants of Matsudo travel where ever they feel like thanks to a teleportation machine.


4) What is your favourite food?
I don’t have one favorite type of food, I love cooking and eating and I’m always very curious to discover new tastes (so I can’t wait to taste the delicious Japanese food!)


5) Please write a short message or comment to the people of Matsudo.
I’m looking forward to meeting you and I hope we will have fun travelling together!
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