ウチダ リナ

1990 年 東京都生まれ
2013 年 東京芸術大学美術学部デザイン科卒業
2016 年 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科工芸科染織専攻修了









Born in 1990. 2016 Tokyo university of the Arts,M.A Textile Arts.
She use traditional Japanese paper as her main materials with the papier-mâché technique.


Training with Materials

We sometimes feel an environmental change in the social rules or structure of the language, even in a news which I saw this morning.

However, what is continuously changing is not only environment surrounding us but ourselves by even seeing a trivial news. My interest lies on the metamorphosis aspect of human triggered by stimulations from both outside and inside of human behavior.

As a kind of trainings enable us to improve functional abilities of human, an athlete is able to run faster after long period of physical training or voice training give a singer more range of voice. This dramatic change of human abilities seem to correspond to the radical idea that we could be a part of art materials.

My works are made of traditional Japanese paper forms of which change to various figures from one place surface having human body like texture, expressing sensation of my experience and images from my emotion. Human body and moths in my works are treated as an icon of metamorphosis; birth, growth and death.