古徳 景子
Marimbista / musician

メキシコ・チアパス州立芸術科学大学(Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas-UNICACH)音楽学部マリンバ科・打楽器科準教授。 アメリカのマレット会社Mike Balter アーティストであり、Mike Balterより「KEIKO KOTOKUマレットモデルマレット」を販売。東京藝術大学卒業。ボストン音楽院を経てスウェーデン国立ピテオ音楽大学院演奏首席修了。ベルギー国際マリンバコンクール最年少にて準優勝。同コンクールにRoberto Palomeque氏とマリンバデゥオ<Paax Marimba DUO>を組み優勝。ブラスの巨匠故アルフレット・リード氏と共演。ボストン音楽院のコンチェルトコンクール優勝しボストン・ファニュエルホールにてオーケストラと共演。意欲作「学GAKU」を基に平和コンサートを展開中。現在、大学で後進の指導にあたりながら欧米、中南米を中心にソロ活躍を行い、数多くの打楽器フェスティバルに招聘されメキシコ、コロンビア、グアテマラではマリンバコンチェルトをオーケストラと共演し成功を収める。同大学ジャズ・ポピュラー科講師であるAlexander Cruz氏 とジャンルにこだわらない音楽をコンセプトに活動し、メキシコ、コロンビア、アルゼンチンで演奏、今年11月にはアメリカのツアーも予定している。打楽器を有賀誠門、梅津千恵子、Anders Åstrand、マリンバを高橋美智子・Nancy Zeltsman、作曲をJohn Farm 各氏に師事。


One of the most talented marimba player of her generation. She has performed in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Argentina, Peru, Chile, USA, Mexico, Japan and several countries.
Her concert activity has been broadcast on NHK, the Japanese company’s most important television, worldwide, recording reports and interviews that had shown.

She is currently professor of the department of Marimba and Percussion in the University of Science and Arts of Chiapas (UNICACH) in Chiapas State of Mexico.

She is artist of Mike Balter and her signature mallets had produced by Mike Balter.


She had graduated in Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku University(Tokyo National university of Fine arts and music), Japan, studied with Makoto Aruga, Michiko Takahashi and Midori Takada, and studied with Nancy Zeltsman at the Boston Conservatory and graduated the master in percussion at the Conservatory in Piteå, Norrbotten, Sweden.

Among her awards, she won the first prize in the competition for talented young artist in Japan that she was the first marimba player that won just 15 years old. In 2000, she won the competition of the concertino for Marimba, playing with the Orchestra with director Alfred Reed. And she also won first place in The Universal marimba competition 2013 in Belgium in Duo category with Roberto Palomeque and also won the second place in 2001, same as the competition of soloists in TBC and played marimba concerto with orchestra in Boston.

She has been a guest performer at festivals such as the International Competition for Marimba, Belgium, International Festival of Patagonia in Argentina, International Marimba Festival in Chiapas, and international marimba and vibraphone festival in Peru, and percussion festival in Chile, Santiago, percussion festival in Bucaramanga in Columbia, marimba festival in Guatemala.