film director / filmmaker

香港出身。ロンドンとアイスランドを拠点に活動。2018年3月にロンドン・フィルム・スクールにて映画製作の修士号を取得。現在は監督業に専念し、2019年8月には第72回ロカルノ国際映画祭映画製作アカデミー、2019年4月にはGo Short International Short Film Festival NijmegenのGo Short Campusに参加。2018年10月には台湾で開催された若手製作者養成プログラム「金馬電影(映画)学院」に選出される。現在、短編映画《Wild Child》と初の長編脚本《Fire Room》を制作中。

Born in Hong Kong, Kaki is currently based between London and Iceland and has graduated from the London Film School – MA in Filmmaking in March 2018. She is focusing on directing at the moment. She participated in the 72th Locarno Film Festival – Filmmakers Academy in August 2019. In April 2019, she participated in Go Short Campus at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. In October 2018, she was chosen to participate at the Golden Horse Film Academy 2018 in Taiwan. She is currently working on her short film, Wild Child and her first feature script, Fire Room.