Jérôme de Vienne
Born in France in 1989.
Jérôme de Vienne used to be a painter. Now he is a conceptual artist who does performances (stuttering in public), translations (sometimes from languages he doesn’t speak), linguistics (collecting artists narratives), writing (stealing text and calling it poetry), sculptures (found objects), videos (found footage), copies (sometimes through painting), paintings (of words).

He is currently engaged in a three-years postgraduate program in ESACM (National School of Arts in Clermont-Ferrand), investigating the role of language and narratives in arts, He is also an editor for the Intentions collection for ISTI-MIRANT-STELLA publishing house since 2017, a collection dedicated to found poetry and ready-made texts.

“Parasitism, diversion, or, more precisely translation are recurring operation in my work. They are an economical means that allow me to avoid having to invent new forms, and let me work on adjustments and modifications. I don’t intend to comment or interpret my sources, but rather to put them into motion, according to rules that most of the time are dictated by the sources themselves. The transformations that I produce and the displacements between contexts create new possibilities of reading. Some works are derivative from artworks punctuating history of art, seen as a narrative. My works are illegal inceptions inside this narrative in order undermine its linearity and create feed-back effects.”