1978年生まれ。美術家。東京藝術大学建築科を卒業後、 同大学大学院先端芸術表現科および、ロンドン大学ゴールド スミスカレッジ、アソシエイトリサーチプログラムで美術を 学ぶ。彫刻、写真、ドローイング、それら相互の関わりを通して、 認識の一貫性や、統合的な時間感覚を再考する。森美術館 で来年2月から始まるグループ展に参加を予定している。

Hirofumi Isoya (b. 1978) studied architecture at the Tokyo University of the Arts before pursuing his graduate studies in Intermedia Art at the same, after which he studied fine art on the Associate Research Program at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His work reevaluates the consistency of perception and the integrated conception of time through media such as sculpture, photography and drawing, and through their mutual interaction. He is scheduled to exhibit in a group exhibition opening at the Mori Art Museum in February 2019.


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誤 Hiroshi Isoya
正 Hirofumi Isoya