archaeologist / artist / photographer / publisher / researcher / scholar

Enrico Floriddia
Born in Sicily in 1984. I am an artist, a researcher, a photographer, a scholar, a publisher, an archaeologist. But above all this, I am a permanent stranger. My work sits in displacement. It negotiates with images as much as words. It takes them seriously, it doubts them, sometimes it mocks them. Yet, images resist to the artist’s will, words are bent or misunderstood, they get used – as we get used to them. I am interested in cultural heritage and its building process. My work is the site where I confront my point of view on such process to challenge the main narratives that drive it. Digging through decolonisation, cultural policies and archæological research, I observe the mechanisms that power uses to build national myths. My work causes a traffic of fabricated images, of documents, texts and found pictures that overlaps on these myths and – sometimes – they erode it.