Charlie Visconage

ワシントンDC(米国)を拠点に、独学で学び活動するアーティスト。奇妙でおかしなフレーズと共に、人物や動物の肖像画を明るい色で描く。2014年から絵を描き始める。それ以前は、自身のライブコメディショー「The Charlie Visconage Show」を主催。2019年春には、ヴィジュアルアートや即興劇、ゲームを融合させた初の没入型ショー「FUNLAND」を行なう。

My name is Charlie Visconage and I’m a self-taught artist living and working in Washington, DC, in the USA. I create brightly colored portraits of people and animals with weird and funny phrases on them. I’ve been painting since 2014, and prior to that, I had my own live comedy show, The Charlie Visconage Show. In the spring of 2019 I opened my first immersive show, FUNLAND. FUNLAND blended visual art, improvisational theater, and games, and I plan to create more experiences like it.