Alberto Carbonell
Art Director / Motion Designer


現在はバレンシアに拠点を置き、様々な仕事や3Dアートの実験をしながら、アーティストとしての経験を積む。 美しいデザインとアニメーションを愛し、常に最高の仕事を目指す。


Alberto is an Art Director & Motion Designer borned in Valencia, where he studied graphic design and video arts.
He finished his last year of studies in Germany, and then he moved to Madrid to keep growing as an artist and person. He worked in renowned studios and after a long time of learning, he decided to move freelance.
Nowadays he is based in Valencia, where he keeps growing as an artist with different jobs and experimentation in 3D Art.
Alberto loves beautiful design and animation, and always try to make his job the best.