Opencall Closed

Opencall for LONGSTAY Program 2020-21 has been closed.
PARADISE AIR team will proceed to the selection during the coming two months. Thank you for your apply!
Preliminary figures of application in total: 513 artists/groups from 83 countries and areas (Average age: 34.5)

LONGSTAY Program 2020-21の応募期間が終了しました。

LONGSTAY Program 2020-21

1. Introduction


We’re waiting for you with the room open 

Every year, PARADISE AIR has held the LONGSTAY Program under various themes and with different application requirements. In the 9th edition of the program, importance is not only placed on the time artists spend in Matsudo. Attention will also be given to the artists’ impressions of Matsudo in the time margin before and after their arrival. 

Seeking to make connections between resident artists and the generous and receptive culture of Matsudo that sustains PARADISE AIR, we are waiting with the doors to artists’ rooms wide open—even if traveling to Matsudo becomes difficult in practice. 

This program is open to applicants based in Japan and overseas. We welcome applications from people currently residing in Japan. In addition, the outcome of the residency can take tangible or intangible form. Applications are widely accepted not only from artists but also from curators, researchers and other practitioners in related fields. Please apply with your ideas by December 25th【New】January 8th

[Updated on Dec. 10] This residency program is held combining an e-Residence (online) and a residence (in Matsudo).
Selected artists may conduct online research and research/production in Matsudo as a series of their projects. Resident rooms will be kept for those even if they are unable to arrive in Japan during the residence term due to COVID-19 status.


2. An Idea

Unraveling Time

While considering the contents of the LONGSTAY Program 2020-21, I read the book “Philosophy of Decomposition”* by Tatsushi Fujihara (agricultural history researcher, Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University) after a friend recommended it to me. In Chapter 6, “Aesthetics of Repair: Mend, Unravel, Perform,” I learned there is a theory about the Kanji character for “time” (時: pronounced “toki” in Japanese) that suggests it is a mutation of the character signifying “unravel” (解く: pronounced “toku”). This is the notion that time is not something that accumulates in intervals shared between “I” and “you.” Rather, time unravels when “I” think about “you,” leading to the occurrence of time. 

  Attempting to be conscious of “unraveling time” was an idea I thought would be enjoyable for this LONGSTAY Program, so I shared it here. We may or may not meet in person between August and November 2021. While at present it is difficult to make promises to realize actions, PARADISE AIR will be leaving its schedule and rooms open, and we might as well listen to music while we wait. 

*In the confusion caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this book has provided us at PARADISE AIR with clues about how to grasp the time and place in which we coexist with you. Since only a Japanese version has been published, we welcome those applying to expand their imaginations without reading the book.

Mei Miyauchi


3. Schedule

Opencall Schedule
2020 Nov. 25 (Wed) Opencall commences
Dec. 25 (Fri)
【New】Jan. 8th (Fri)
Opencall ends
2021 Jan. – Mar. Selection period
Feb. 3 (Tue) Selected finalists contacted individually
Finalists will be asked to submit a video letter explaining their plans, which will later be posted on the PARADISE AIR website following selection.
Feb. 19 (Fri) 【1】Deadline for submitting video letter

Residency schedule
2021 Mar. 16 (Tue) Announcement of selected artists on the website
Mar. 20 (Sat) 【2】Online event
Selected artists will present their residency proposals.
April – May 【3】e-Residence
All contents will be held online. Online meetings with selected artists will be arranged when required for their research.
May 29 (Sat) 【4】Online event
Presentation of activities undertaken during the e-Residence
Aug. – Nov. 【5】Residence
We are waiting for you with the room open.
 A residency of up to 90 days is possible during this period.
*90 days includes the quarantine period of 14 days set by the Japanese government
(not applicable to residents of Japan) 

4. Openings

Approx. 3 artists (or artist groups)
※Artist groups or units can also apply. If selected, one room will be reserved for each artist group or unit. 

5. Applicant Conditions

Applicants must meet the following conditions: 

  • Enjoy engaging in dialogue with the town
  • Currently living and working as an artist (pursuing creative activities and research as an artist, and able to hold lectures and symposiums related to their practice for their peers) 
  • Be willing and able to engage in genuine cultural exchange with regional artists and local residents during the term of residency 
  • Be in good physical and mental health 
  • Be able to participate in programs【1-4】outlined above  
  • Be able to positively manage program 【5】 above in accordance with travel and immigration conditions 
  • Have flexibility regarding program scheduling, rules, and administration. 
  • Be able to conduct everyday life in Japanese and/or English 

6. Program Support Package

Selected artists may conduct online research and research/production in Matsudo below as a series of their projects.  *The numbers correspond to the numbers in the ‘3.Schedule.’

【1 and 2】Selection/Presentation of Proposals 

  • Production costs of video letter: ¥30,000 per group (limited to finalists, payable only via Paypal, inclusive of handling fees) 
  • Organization of online symposium (only selected artists) 

【3 and 4】e-Residence(April-May 2021) 

  • Assistance with research relating to proposals 
  • Support to realize online exchanges with citizens 
  • Organization of online symposium
  • Costs associated with publicity

【5】Residence(maximum of 90 days between Aug.-Nov. 2021) 

  • Accommodation (PARADISE AIR) 
  • Transportation for one round trip from the artist’s place of residence to Matsudo (while transportation for artists living in Japan is not limited to one round trip, a maximum limit applies for total transportation costs)  
  • ¥200,000 for production costs per group (payable in cash or via Paypal only, inclusive of handling fees) 
  • Costs associated with equipment and transportation of artwork 
  • Arrangement of venues for the presentation of work and coordination of events 
  • Local support for daily life and production of work 
  • Costs associated with publicity 

7. Stipulations

  • Copyright and ownership of any work created during the program will remain that of the artist.
  • PARADISE AIR retains the right to photograph and film all events, performances, workshops, and exhibitions conducted by the artist for the duration of the program.
  • We request full cooperation during all media coverage, as well as for coverage made by our staff and sponsors.
  • We kindly ask that applicants plan to participate in the program with their own health insurance. PARADISE AIR is not able to serve as an insurer or guarantor.
  • While we generally accommodate artists and/or groups who come to Matsudo alone, we welcome applications from those who hope to bring along their partner and/or children. Please indicate clearly in the application if you wish to do so.

8. Application Details

Step 1
Please fill in the following form to enroll in the selection process. (Japanese or English).  


* An Email will be sent to you automatically from Google confirming your enrollment. Please be sure to verify receipt of this email.  

Step 2
Please download the “Application Format” folder from the link below, and place corresponding documents into respective files A. Application Form, B. Portfolio, and C. Passport (scanned data). (Japanese or English) 


Details of Application documents (data limit: 20MB maximum)  

A: Application Form
・Please complete the Form in full following the prescribed format. (Japanese or English)

B: Portfolio
・Submit your portfolio (up to 3 works) as a PDF file. It will be viewed in A4 size (210×297 mm).
・For video and/or music works, please upload the data to Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or other such media platforms, including the URL link in the text file.
*You cannot submit the original data via email.
・When sending video works via a file sharing service on the Internet, please make sure to set the password as PARADISE

C: Passport
・A scanned copy of your passport with your name and photo clearly visible.
・In the case of artist groups or units, please include scanned copies for each member. 

Step 3
Please upload the folder containing all materials from Step 2 to the following link:  


  1. Name the folder “your_artist_name” (ex. Test_Paradise). 
  2. Please verify that the file size does not exceed the data limit of 20MB.  
  3. Application deadline: December 25th (Fri)【New】January 8th (Fri)  24:00 (JST) 

[Updated on Dec. 10] When you upload the folder, please refer below.
If you upload many times and/or some separate files on Dropbox, staff members won’t be able to accept your application stuff. We appreciate your cooperation for our careful selection process.

After the upload is completed, you will receive the following email from Dropbox.

The application process is now complete. Thank you for your hard work!

* PARADISE AIR will send a confirmation email after the application deadline to applicants enrolling in step 1 who have incomplete applications. If you do not receive a confirmation email by January 15th, your application has been successfully accepted.

9. Selection / Notification

  • A committee of local residents and external judges will determine the best applicant from the submitted materials. 
  • Those who pass the first screening will be contacted individually by February 3rd.
  • For the second screening (final judgement), we will also ask you to submit a video letter (max. 2 minutes) introducing yourself and your proposal. 
    • Deadline for submitting video letters: February 19th
    • Videos can be made using a smartphone. Emphasis is given to the content of proposals rather than video quality
    • All video letters will be made public on the PARADISE AIR website following the result of  selections.
    • Support for production costs of video letters will be provided to all finalists
  • Finalists will be notified individually of the selection results by the end of February.
  • Selection results will be made public on the PARADISE AIR website on March 16.

10. Contact

If you would like to make an inquiry, feel free to contact us. Please note that we are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process. 

Please refer to the links below before contacting us.
Matsudo Information:
Frequently Asked Questions:


Contact Form:
Address: Postal code 271-0091, Hamatomo bld., 15-4 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba, JAPAN

Affiliates: Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology, Matsudo City Hall
Organizing body: PAIR
Special support: Hamatomo Kanko Co., Ltd.

Best of luck!

Apply now! [STEP 1]

LONGSTAY Program 2020-21 (日本語)

1. はじめに


PARADISE AIRでは毎年、様々なテーマや公募内容でLONGSTAY Program(ロングステイ・プログラム)を行なってきました。9回目となる今回のプログラムは、アーティストたちが松戸に滞在する時間のみに成果を求めるのではなく、松戸に来る前や帰っていった後も、時間の余白の中で松戸に想いを馳せる瞬間を見守ります。

PARADISE AIRを支えている松戸の寛容でしなやかな風土と、アーティストたちの接続を試み、実際に松戸にくることが難しいとしても、アーティストのための部屋を空けて待っています。


[12/10追記] この滞在プログラムはe-Residence(オンライン)とResidence(松戸にて)を組み合わせて開催されます。


2. アイデア

- 時(とき)を解く  –   


「時を解く」ことを意識してみることが今回のLONGSTAY Programを楽しむアイデアなのでは、と想像しここで共有させてもらいました。2021年の8月-11月あたりに直接、会えるかもしれないし、会えないかもしれない。行為の実現の約束が難しい今だけれども、PARADISE AIRではとりあえず時間と部屋を空けて、音楽でも聴きながら待ってみますね。

*このコロナ禍で、私たちPARADISE AIRがあなたと並存する時間と場所を捉えるヒントになった本です。出版されているのは日本語版のみなので、応募にあたっては、本を読まずに想像力をふくらませてみることも歓迎します。


3. スケジュール

2020年 11月25日(水) 公募開始
2021年 1月 – 3 審査期間
2月3日(火) 選考ファイナリストへの個別連絡
ファイナリストにはプランを説明するビデオレターを提出いただき、審査終了後にPARADISE AIRウェブサイトで公開します
2月19日(金) 【1】ビデオレター提出締め切り
2021年 3月16日(火) 招へいアーティスト決定・発表
3月20日(土) 【2】オンラインイベント
4月 – 5月 【3】e-Residence
5月29日(土) 【4】オンラインイベント
8月-11月 【5】Residence

4. 募集人数


5. 応募条件


  • まちとの対話を楽しめること
  • 広く芸術分野で活動し、同時代の芸術の創造に関わる活動であること(アーティストの創造活動やリサーチはもとより、芸術関係者によるレクチャー、シンポジウム等も可とする)
  • 期間中、招へいされた他の作家や地域住民と良好な関係をもって交流ができること
  • 心身ともに健康状態が良好であること
  • 上記【1〜4】のプログラムに参加できること
  • 【5】のプログラムについては渡航・入国状況に応じてポジティブに対応できること
  • 運営側が提案するスケジュールやルールに柔軟に対応できること
  • 英語、あるいは日本語でコミュニケーションが可能なこと

6. 支援内容

選出されたアーティストは、下記のオンラインリサーチと松戸でのリサーチ・滞在制作を一連のプロジェクトとして実施することができます。*番号は[3. スケジュール]内の表記に対応しています。




7. 注意事項

  • 滞在中に制作した作品の著作権及び所有権は制作したアーティストに帰属します。
  • 制作風景、作品展示、ワークショップ時の写真等の記録の著作権及び所有権はPARADSIR AIRに帰属します。
  • 写真や映像の撮影、マスコミ各社からの取材に協力をお願いします。
  • 健康保険および傷害保険はアーティスト側で加入していただきます。事務局は保険加入等の責務は負いません。
  • 原則として単身・グループ単位での滞在としますが、パートナー、子ども等の同伴を希望する場合は、応募申請時に申し出てください。

8. 応募方法

以下の申し込みフォームに必要情報を記入(日本語もしくは英語)しエントリーしてください。登録が完了すると、ご記入いただいたメールアドレスに自動返信で googleより登録完了メールが送られます。必ずご確認ください。


以下のリンクより「Application Format」フォルダをダウンロードし、A. 申請書、B. ポートフォリオなどの作品資料、C. パスポートのスキャンデータを格納してください。(日本語もしくは英語)








①フォルダ名は”your_artist_name”(ex: Test_Paradise)としてください。
③提出締め切り:12月25日(金)【New】1月8日(金)24:00 (JST)

[12/10追記] フォルダをアップロードする際は下記をご参考ください。



※ステップ1の登録者の内、ステップ3の内容に不備がある応募者には、募集締め切り日以降に PARADISE AIRから確認メールをお送りします。1月15日までに確認メールが送られてこない場合は、応募は正常に受付けられています。

9. 選考及び結果の通知について

  • 提出された資料をもとに、スタッフ、外部審査員、地域住民により審査を行います。
  • 選考ファイナリストにのみ、選出された旨を2月3日までに個別にご連絡します。
  • 選考ファイナリストにはプランの説明と自己紹介のためのビデオレター(2分以内)を制作していただきます。
    • ビデオレターの締め切り:2月19日
    • スマートフォンでの撮影可。映像のクオリティよりもプラン内容を重視します
    • 最終審査終了後にPARADISE AIRウェブサイトですべてのビデオを公開します
    • ビデオを提出いただいた方には制作費の補助あり
  • 最終選考の結果は2月末日までに個別に、選考ファイナリスト全員にご連絡します。
  • WEBサイトでの選考結果の公式発表は3月16日を予定しています。

10. お問い合わせ



住所:271-0091 千葉県松戸市本町15-4 ハマトモビル



Apply now! [STEP 1]

Matsudo Information

Matsudo Life Map

PARADISE AIR usually offers a tour of Matsudo, introducing the city and giving out information on the neighborhood, as well as the resident artists’ works that are left in the city.
This map provides information on living as an artist in Matsudo, the places which PARADISE AIR staff members would like to recommend (as of May 2020), as well as portraits of artists who have visited the places in the past.


Past LONGSTAY Program

2019 ― bi-

2018 ― Alicja Rogalska and Jupiter Brown

2017 ― Minwoo Lee and Kristof Trakal

Other Activities

About Matsudo City

Matsudo City International Portal



How should an art group apply for Step 1?
Please do one resister as a group.

How should an art group apply for Step 2?
Please copy the application document and each member needs to fulfill the page 1 and 2. For page 3 and portfolio, please write your plan and the past works as a group. Also we require passport copies of all the members.

Who are the selection jury members?
Please refer to this page for more information about the selection jury.

Is it possible to travel to Japan? And can I still apply if I can’t travel?
PARADISE AIR will assist you with your Visa application as much as possible. If you are unable to travel to Japan due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection, you can still participate in the program remotely.

▶Current Immigration Status to Japan
[Foreign Nationals]

[Domestic and Foreign Nationals other than listed above]

▶Current Status in Japan
Latest information of Government of Japan


How long can you apply for SHORT STAY?
Applications for the SHORTSTAY Program are open all-year round, and can be made using the online application form on our website ( The form should appear after you click on the orange toolbar, located beneath the ‘Enquiry’ and ‘Overview’ information. The online form is our preferred method of application, and prevents your application details from getting lost in our email inbox! Please note that the Short Stay Program does not include a travel allowance.

How long is the stay of SHORT STAY? 
SHORTSTAY Program residencies are generally up to 3 weeks in length, beginning from the first Tuesday of the month. *Please note that we will not be accepting any SHORTSTAY residency applications for the period of Sept-Nov 2018 due to the scheduling of the LONGSTAY Program at that time.*Please also note that we will not be accepting applications for the end-of-year period, between the 22nd of Dec 2018 – 7th Jan 2019.

When will I be notified of the result from the application? 
Selections for the SHORTSTAY Program are made approximately once every two months. As such, it make take some time for us to respond to your application. We request your patience and understanding.

 What is the cost of staying at SHORTSTAY?
The cost of accommodation during our residency programs is covered by Paradise Air. However, all additional costs are to be covered by the artist themselves (food, incidentals, transport costs, etc.).
The coverage of costs associated with artistic output (materials, venue hire etc.) are to be planned and decided in consultation with the PARADISE AIR team.
Please also note that you may be asked to pay a nominal cleaning fee at the end of your residency.

Can I enter if my project is not decided concretely? 
In terms of your proposed artisitic output, it is not necessary to have the specific details decided prior to applying to PARADISE AIR. These can be discussed with the PARADISE AIR team after your application has been accepted. When selecting applicants to the program, the PARADISE AIR team reads each artist’s application while concurrently visiting their website and viewing their previous works.


How can I get to PARADISE AIR from Narita Airport?
From Narita airport, the easiest way to get to Matsudo is the following:

Narita airport Station→[Keisei Sky Liner]→Nippori Station→[JR Joban Line]→Matsudo StationBy this route, it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Matsudo.The residency is 2 minutes walk from the West side of Matsudo station.
There are various other ways to get to Matsudo Station.Please refer to this website to check the routes yourself -

Can I send my luggage in advance?
This is possible. However, please be sure to notify the Paradise Air team well in advance as there are times when no one is in reception. All shipping costs are to covered by the artist.

What kind of place can you use as a production place? 
PARADISE AIR does not have a specific studio space. Most resident artists complete their work in the same room that they are residing in during the residency, however this is flexible depending upon the needs of the artist and their artistic discipline.
About the room, please take a look at Equipments as well.

What is in the room? Do you need to bring towels and bedding?
The residency rooms are equipped with the following –  bedding, bath towel, face towel, bath mat, hair dryer. Please bring your own toiletries with you, or purchase these at one of the many nearby shops after your arrival. Each floor is equipped with a shared laundry and a kitchen with basic cooking facilities.

Where can I get a SIM card? 
It is not possible to purchase a sim card in Matsudo. We recommend that you organise one at the airport immediately after your arrival. The closest option to the residency is a 15 minute train ride away.

Can I bring my companion? How many guests can stay at the maximum? 
It is possible to stay at the residency with your family, partner, collaborating project members, etc. Each room is able to accommodate two people. Please be sure to let us know within your application if you wish to bring someone with you/work in collaboration with another artist.

Can I apply even by Japanese people?
Japanese artists are also welcome to apply to both of the SHORTSTAY and LONGSTAY Program.

Please tell me about the power supply in Japan
Japanese power plugs are A-type and run at 100V. Please be sure to bring the necessary power plugs and adapters with you. It is also possible to purchase travel adapters in Matsudo.



(2020/11/25 更新)
新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大に伴い、現在PARADISE AIRではアーティストの受け入れを制限しています。
状況を考慮し、日本国内に在住/滞在中のアーティストについてのみSHORTSTAY Programのご応募を受け付けております。




・広報協力(Web サイト、SNS など)

※健康保険および傷害保険は滞在者側で加入してください。PARADISE AIRは保険加入等の責務は負いません。






(Updated: November 25, 2020)
Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, PARADISE AIR is currently limiting the acceptance of artists.

Taking into account the circumstances, we are accepting applications for the SHORTSTAY Program from artists currently residing in Japan.
Applications from abroad are accepted for the periods after May 2021 and onward.
However, please note that this is not to confirm our acceptance from June since we can only reopen the program when we are certain that the artists can safely move over and stay in the residence.

We appreciate your understanding of the changes in the program and apologize for any inconvenience.


Project Implementation: Anytime
Period of Stay: Up to 3 weeks in principle

What we provide
-Residence (PARADISE AIR)
-Finding a venue for performance/event
-Assistance in publicity activities (on Web, SNS)


-We kindly ask that applicants plan to participate in the program with their own health insurance. PARADISE AIR may not serve as an insurer nor guarantor.

While we generally accommodate artists who come to Matsudo alone, we still encourage applications from those who intend to bring along his/her spouse and/or children. Please indicate clearly in the application if you wish to do so.

Residents are asked to arrange their own health insurance and accident insurance..




PARADISE AIRは2013年に入居物件オーナーである株式会社浜友商事の支援をへて運営を開始したレジデンスプログラムです。アーティストが長期滞在するLONGSTAY Programとともに、一宿一芸をコンセプトとしたSHORTSTAY Programなどの運営を活動当初からおこなってきました。そのほかにも、松戸を拠点にファッション、建築、音楽、編集などを手がけるクリエイターに部屋を貸すSTUDIO Programや、最近では記録集の販売など様々な方法で運営財源を確保する試みを続けています。


  • これまでの活動を応援して頂いている地域の方
  • これまでの活動にご興味いただいたすべての方
  • これからのPARADISEの活動を応援したい方
  • 市外、県外、国外在住でなかなか訪れられない、けれど支援をしたい方
  • PARADISEに滞在・訪れたアーティストのみなさん
  • PARADISEをきっかけに世界に羽ばたきたいアーティストのみなさん

等々、世界に広がるPARADISE AIRのネットワークを、応援してくださる皆様とともに広げ、より多くの方と関係を結ぶきっかけになればと思います。

いただいたご支援はLONGSTAY Programをはじめとした事業運営に活用させていただきます。







  • web、チラシへのクレジット
  • カタログへのクレジット
  • カタログの送付
  • PARADISE AIRオフィシャルグッズのプレゼント


  • web、カタログへのクレジット
  • アーティストとの交流招待
  • 関連プログラムや、ワークショップなど、各種プログラム・イベント等への優先予約権・ご招待
  • メールマガジンによるイベント情報の配信
  • カタログの送付
  • PARADISE AIRオフィシャルグッズのプレゼント






■直接振込 の場合






〒271-0091 千葉県松戸市本町15-4 ハマトモビル506号


振込先口座:千葉銀行 松戸支店 普通預金 4246827
口座名義:一般社団法人PAIR 代表理事 ショウジワタル



お問合せがありましたら、 までお気軽にご連絡下さい。



LONGSTAY Program 2017 -松戸で過ごした90日間





PARADISE AIRは、古くから宿場町として栄えた千葉県松戸の歴史や風土を活かしつつ、新しい風を街に取り入れようと2013年に誕生したアーティスト・イン・レジデンスです。もとはホテルとして営業していた松戸駅前のハマトモビルは、現在1~3階を大手パチンコチェーン店「楽園」が営業していますが、上層階はこの数年使用されていませんでした。そこで「楽園」を経営するビルオーナー浜友観光株式会社の協力を受け、4階の2部屋を活用して国内外からアーティストを受け入れるプログラムの運営を開始しました。







PARADISE AIR(千葉県松戸市)、ほか松戸市内各地。翻訳など、自宅でお願いできる作業もあります。