[壁画] アガタ・カザンセワ|公開制作&ワークショップ
[Mural Painting] Agata Kazantseva|Woking in Public and Restoration Workshop with Kids


本年度のロングステイ・プログラムのファイナリストに残ったアガタ・カザンセワ(ロシア / サンクトペテルブルグ)。


小学生向けワークショップ:2017年11月19日(日) 10:00-12:00
場所:松戸駅南 宮ノ越地下歩道 MAP

Artist Agata Kazantseva from St. Petersburg, Russia is now in production for a public mural painting at an underground pathway in Matsudo. She was a finalist for the LONGSTAY Program 2017 and fortunately Matsudo Community Planning Council has volunteered to support her work and stay. So that thanks to local people of Matsudo, this special invitation has been realized.

She also has a background as the specialist in restoration and conservation of historical architectures/monuments. So Agata and her supporter Maria are going to hold Restoration Workshop with Kids in Matsudo on 19th of October to restore the mural work “Installation for Matsudo” (Kiyoshi Takizawa, 2011) which she is going to paint onto. It would be a collaborative work connecting the past 6 years.

Agata Kazantseva|Mural Painting
Woking in Public : 11th-28th, October, 2017
Restoration Workshop : 10:00-12:00, 19th, October, 2017
Place : Underground Pathway “Miyanokoshi Chika Hodo” MAP
Admission : Free
*The artist might concentrate on working. Please feel free to contact to staffs of PARADISE AIR when you drop by.