CROSS STAY Program 前期






Lee Daeil, a.k.a. Korean sound artist “Daily,” accepted his invitation to become the first resident artist for the Long Stay Program. Daily can actually speak (but not read) Japanese language: in light of his amiability, he is perhaps the epitome of the Japanese idiom, “what one likes, one will do well.” As an Artist-in-Residence, he exhibited this indispensible quality through his focus upon essential questions such as “how can I communicate with local staff and residents?” and “how might I use locals as a resource?” As a result, his inherent sociability itself may be seen as an artistic means of expression in his works of art.

Daily creates art by using sound as his primary material. According to Daily, the gift of communication is actually dependent upon the ability to listen and thoroughly understand another. In other words, it consists of the mouth (the origin point of sound) and the ear (the point at which sounds gather). Thus, one might say that his communication skills contribute to his use of communication as an artistic tool.